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In a nutshell, I am a UX Designer at IBM Design. I enjoy traveling, yoga, cooking (and eating) and meeting new people. 

My Story (or part of it)
Upon graduating from the University of Dayton with my BFA in Visual Communication Design, I had two hopes for my career: I wanted to design books and eventually, teach. The former is a little ironic; growing up I would only touch a book if its pages were filled with images or if I used its pages to create images of my own. Fast forward a few years, and after earning a Masters in Graphic Design from North Carolina State University, my perspective of design had matured significantly. I continued learning while teaching as an Adjunct Professor and gaining industry experience while working at a design consultancy. Even then, I honestly never imagined myself working at IBM or in the technology sector.

When the opportunity at IBM presented itself, I was attracted by the challenge and adventure that I thought might come with the position. Both have proven to be true. My challenges have included getting teams to focus on the user (instead of features), understanding and solving problems in complex spaces (including IT Administration and DBAAS software), and collaborating with teams dispersed all over the world. The "adventure" aspect that originally attracted me to IBM continues to inspire and fuel me. I have helped create culture changes at a Fortune 50 company, had the opportunity to meet and work with some of the most intelligent people, traveled, and lived in two awesome cities—Austin and now in San Francisco. With a new definition for book design and teaching, IBM has proven to fulfill both hopes for my career. I am a storyteller: not only am I rewriting experiences for our users, but I am also helping dictate a chapter in the history of Design at IBM. I am also an educator: I am mentoring colleagues and leading workshops on IBM Design thinking. Most importantly, I have retained my status as a student: I am continuing to grow my perspective.

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